preserving the legacy: the eisenhower college archives
One thing is clear while perusing the plethora of material that make up the Eisenhower College Archives: We were trailblazers in Seneca Falls, embedded within a curriculum and an institution that was ahead of its time. In addition to documenting the college's history, the archival material offers insight into more than two decades of changing philosophies and attitudes in education and in our world. It provides a case study of achievements, foibles, and cultural shifts--of what went right and what went wrong at and with our college and in the larger community.

The reviewing and cataloguing of this material continues in a thoughtful and painstaking manner, as does the development of the displays tat seek to inform and educate, at the same time that they celebrate both the memory and the legacy of Eisenhower College. Aquisition of specific archival materials, as detailed via this link, will expedite the critical task of ensuring the preservation of many one-of-a-kind items, while providing easier access to collection materials for the greater Eisenhower College community, as well as interested educators and scholars. Both monetary gifts for a specific purpose and gifts-in-kind are welcome and appreciated, as is general and specific expertise in the area of archival development and preservation.

Pam Romeo Havens '78, ECAA Chair
Gigi Carnes '81, Eisenhower College Archivist