Ike & Mamie’s Book Club

Premiers August 3 at 8 pm
Led by Haider Khan ’76 

Following the murder of George Floyd and the current turmoil in our country, alumni have suggested various resources for opening dialogues and increasing knowledge and understanding. In that spirit, while keeping with our original intent to “re-read” books from Eisenhower days, we would like to re-read Crisis in Black and White (Silberman, Charles E., 1966) from Frank Annunziata’s JIST, alongside the more recent The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America (Rothstein, Richard, 2017)—to compare and contrast, of course.
If you are interested, get the books above and start reading. Discussion questions and more information will be forthcoming. Please let us know if you plan to participate by emailing fromerwilson@gmail.com, or replying to the ECAA Facebook invitation.