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Familiar faces, familiar places

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Welcome, Ikesters and Friends

ECAA is dedicated to perpetuating the legacy of the Living Memorial to Dwight D. Eisenhower as proposed by unanimous decision of the 90th Congress on September 17, 1968.

Welcome to the Eisenhower College Alumni Association web site! If you’re an alum, former faculty or staff, or have some other connection to the college, we hope you’ll linger, browse, and enjoy the memories of your days on campus.

If you’ve stumbled upon our site via some quirky algorithm of your search engine, don’t leave just yet! We hope you’ll explore and learn a little about what made “Ike U” unique and, in many ways, so far ahead of its time. You might also sense the loyalty and dedication the college inspired in those who were part of its too-brief life: the ECAA has operated continuously and without school support since the college closed in 1982, and we host a Homecoming celebration every year on our former campus.

Dwight Eisenhower’s vision for the college that bore his name was rooted in his belief that it was critical for the people of the world to understand one another better if all were to live in peace. He could not have dreamed of the opportunities for people to connect that are presented by today’s technology. We hope that this website helps to advance his vision, if even just a little. Let’s connect!

Steve Van Arsdale ’81
Chair, ECAA Inc.