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Our small, liberal arts college was known for its World Studies core curriculum—an interdisciplinary approach to the study of world cultures from earliest recorded history to the modern day. This novel approach to education helped shape a broader perspective, along with critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Ahead of our time with our “Go Global” motto, imagine how this learning construct might have flourished today.

President Eisenhower was still alive when Congress designated the college “a permanent and living memorial to his life and deeds.” As alumni of the college, we have assumed that mantle and serve as the legacy of our great namesake. The influence of the “Eisenhower experience” made our lives better and we, in turn, have made our mark on the world.

It is up to us to ensure that the living memorial to President Eisenhower is not forgotten and that the idea of a global liberal arts education is embraced by future generations. Toward that end, in partnership with the Central New York Community Foundation, we have begun the process of creating a perpetual scholarship endowment. An outgrowth of our existing annual program, The Eisenhower College Legacy Scholarship will provide ongoing meaningful support for students pursuing study in the liberal arts.

We invite you to join in this effort to create a lasting legacy to the school that is our common heritage and shared passion.

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