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Both Sides of the Bed: A Nurse’s Lived Experience with Concussion
Presented by Jule Blakeley Monnens ’76
Wednesday, September 2 ~ 8-9 p.m. ~ via Zoom

Join us as we look through both the scientific and personal lens of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Jule was a nurse and nurse educator for over 30 years before she was sidelined by mTBI, and thus began her long journey of recovery. mTBI has far-reaching effects, not only on the survivor but also on family and friends, and Jule’s unusual perspective of being both the traumatized patient and a clinician who understands mTBI and its consequences is quite intriguing.
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Presented by Kathy Brey Rapp ’78, Teri Morrissey White ’78, Monica Leslie
Saturday, September 12 ~ 4-5 p.m. ~ via Zoom

Spend a little “me” time in this mindfulness/stress-reduction practicum. Led by three fabulous teachers, we will learn the “four elements of stress reduction”, focus on breathing and energy exercises, and take a lesson in cortical field reeducation. Anyone can do these exercises safely!
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Eisenhower Town Hall
Panelists: Cornelius Baker ’83, Roger France ’75, Margaret McMillion ’73, Tom White ’76
Moderated by Jim Fleming ’77
Saturday, September 12 ~ 4-5 p.m. ~ via Zoom

If you gathered a group of Eisenhower College alumni around a large seminar table decades after they were students and let them talk about the things that are important to them now, their thoughts and perspectives and how they have evolved, this is what you would get. Look forward to a thoughtful conversation.
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