ECAA Milestones

˜ Independent incorporation of the Eisenhower College Alumni Association (ECAA), 1982

˜ Awarding of first ECAA Scholarship, 1986

˜ ECAA retains Stewart Howe Alumni Service to oversee communications and administrative activities, 1987

˜ Debut of World Studies XI Newsletter, 1988

˜ ‘Eisenhower Remembered’ and tree planting ceremony at New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) campus in Seneca Falls, 1990

˜ Original agreement signed with NYCC for display and meeting space on campus in Seneca Falls, 1991

˜ ECAA Memorabilia Committee formed, 1991

˜ ECAA moves into space on NYCC campus; Memorabilia Committee holds first meeting in ‘rooms at the end of the tunnel,’ 1991

˜ Eisenhower College archival material restored to ECAA, 1992

˜ ECAA Homecoming returns to campus, 1992

˜ ‘Preserving the Legacy’ fundraising campaign conducted, 1994

˜ Inaugural presentation of the Founders and Distinguished Alumnus Awards, 1994

˜ Publication of Eisenhower College: The Life and Death of a Living Memorial by Dr. David L. Dresser, 1995

˜ Inaugural Presentation of the Legacy Award to the Delavan Foundation, 1997

˜ Installation of first display area at NYCC, 1997

˜ Charter Class (1972) Silver Anniversary Celebration, 1997

˜ Introduction of expanded line of Eisenhower College ‘logo items,’ 1997

˜ Memorabilia Committee evolves into the Eisenhower College Archives, spearheaded by Gigi Carnes ’81, 2001

˜ Launching of the ECAA web site, 2002

˜ Signing of a new lease with NYCC, securing, in perpetuity, the Eisenhower College legacy on NYCC’s campus, 2004

˜ Eisenhower College Archives moves to permanent display area in NYCC Library, 2005

˜ 40th Anniversary celebration of the Groundbreaking for Eisenhower College, 2005

˜ Rededication of Punkin Park, 2006

˜ 40th Anniversary celebration of the Flagpole Installation; ECAA presents U.S. flag flown over the nation’s capital to NYCC, 2006

˜ Second ‘Preserving the Legacy’ fundraising campaign commences, 2006

˜ Celebration of ECAA’s Silver Anniversary, 2007

˜ Celebration of the Class of 1983’s (the last class) Silver Anniversary, 2008